What we do for our puppies:

We strive to give our puppies the absolute best when in our care. The first couple of weeks, mom does everything and we take care of her. The pups are about 3 weeks old when start our puppy journey. This is when we get the puppies on a daily schedule. And just in case you are wondering, these are some of things we do while the puppies are in our care:

What’s Included in the Price:

  • First vet visit

  • All puppies are de-wormed at 4 and 6 weeks of age

  • First shots are administered at 6 weeks of age

  • Limited AKC registration

  • Health agreement for the first year if puppy is on Nuvet through me (if interested, ask for more information)

  • A puppy care package, which includes training information, samples of food/treats and a few toys etc...

  • Lifetime advice (stay in contact with us, always, if you need help)

the Puppy’s Time With Us:

  • We feed the pups 3 times a day

  • We socialize them with people, kids and other animals

  • We have them play with toys; both store bought and homemade that are noisy and have different textures

  • They socialize always with there litter mate. We never separate them. <om will leave them when she is ready, but she will also play a couple times a day.

  • We have lots of baths with bath-time fun.

  • We also have water play activities in kid pools and hoses

  • We have outdoor playtime so they learn outdoor environments… things like grass.

  • We pad train them and some start to outdoor train when they start learning there daily schedules

  • They get a daily treat of NuVet and always love it.

  • They get lots of love from our whole family, so we want them to their forever home, that love will continue for his/her whole life.